A Good Method to Make Cupcakes

Welcome to Tinkle everyone, your helpful on-line place to find useful and interesting information. Today, we are going with a very tasty subject – cakes. Cupcakes in particular.

Yes cupcakes as we all know are totally irresistible! For some reason, There is something magical about a these little cakes in miniature form that everyone loves. Today we aim to teach everyone how to make cupcakes with relative ease with this easy to follow guide.


Delicious cupcakes


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“Basic knowledge…every cake can be a cupcake!”

Just so everyone knows, any basic cake recipe can be used to make delicious cupcakes…its that simple. The only minor thing that is going to change is the amount of baking time required and the general oven temperature.

To make some wonderful cupcakes for any occasion, please follow these easy straight-forward steps for no hassle cupcakes – Enjoy baking.

Step One (Beginning is always the hardest part)

You are in the kitchen and ready to go. First things first with any cake you are going to make is to ensure that your ingredients, specifically the butter and eggs, are at room temperature…definitely not frozen. Okay next you will weigh all your ingredients, preheat that lovely integrated oven you got with your new fabulous kitchen and then prepare your cake tins while you wait for the heat to rise.

Step two (things are heating up)

Quick tip here for the novices – Before you go about  lining your cupcake tin/tray with paper cupcakes cases, be sure to wipe a thin layer of vegetable oil over the top of the baking tin. The reason for this? Well this will help keep your cupcakes from sticking to the tin if by chance they rise above their paper case limit.

Why paper cases I here you ask? Good question.

The reason for paper cups is that they make cupcakes much easier to transport and handle. Cupcakes that cant be moved are basically no use to anyone.

Step Three (We are rolling now…well mixing actually)

Time to combine our butter and sugar ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat them together. Some people like to say cream them together …beat/cream its all the same. Beat the butter and sugar together, this can be done manually with a big spoon or by using a table top mixing device.  If using a device then mix on medium speed until the batter (butter and sugar) are light and fluffy. Be sure to scrape down the sides of your bowl so everything in the bowl is mixed properly. If its not then your cupcakes are not going to jump properly.

A little note on beating/creaming for everyone (skip this if you feel its boring)

The beating mixing method basically involves taking your ingredients (butter and sugar) and mashing up together to make a batter. Now unlike your usual biscuit type mixture, a cake mixture requires a little more work applied. Everyone should know that the butter should be noticeably lighter in colour, this is so as extra air is pushed into the mix through the beating process. As a result of this the mixture will look fluffy in texture.

Got a need for video guide. check this little beauty out:


Step 4

Be sure to scrape down the beaters carefully and the bowl so no residue is left attached. We no like residue, ever! Time for the eggs to be added. Add these bad boy eggs one  at a time and remember to beat the mix well after each egg addition. Be warned people, cold eggs will not work well into the mixture and it may make it look curdled – a definite no no. Without a doubt we want our cake mixture to be ridiculously smooth.

Step 5

Okay, you have added all your eggs to mix, its looking good so far. Now is the time to add any flavour you want. For this recipe we are keeping it simple, plain old vanilla extract will do just the trick.

For now some of the boring yet exceptionally important stuff. Your recipe ingredients which will include a cake flour, baking powder should definitely be sieved through before being added to your mixing bowl. Doing this will prevent dry lumps form appearing…no one likes a bowl of flour in their cupcake now do they? No.

Step 6 – (Onwards and upwards…not just not relatively speaking)

The dry mixes (flour and stuff) have been added.  You will want to stir the mixture until it is smooth, take extra time to scrape down the bowl.

Step 7 – (its time to pour these babies)

If we are going to bake these cupcakes, that batter you have made needs to be placed into all those little cupcakes case. How do we do that? Simple, we use a piping bag or ice cream scoop, whichever you have. Use any utensil you are comfortable with,  the overall main aim is to try to give each case an even distribution of the mix.

Step 8 -

We are finally getting somewhere, I feel it! The cupcakes tins should now be full, if that’s correct place them into the hot oven. Don’t waste time, get them in that oven baby.

It almost the same situation for cakes and cupcake, they both bake in relatively hot ovens, which allow for their structure is set quickly meaning no dry cake. We will bake at about 160 C in an electric oven, that should do just nicely. Because cupcakes are small in size, they will bake more quickly than a normal cake.  I wouldn’t leave the cakes in the oven any more than 25 minutes to be safe, and do a quick spot check after 20 just to make sure none are burning.

Step 9 – (The cupcakes are ready…well almost)

Its the right time to take the cupcakes our of the over. To test this, test one or two of them with a wooden skewer to be sure, gently insert it into the cupcake then withdraw and see if any mix is stuck to the skewer. If it is, they ain’t ready yet, continue baking for a few minutes more.

Take them out the oven. Allow the cake tin to cool on a rack until you are able to handle the cupcakes with burning yourself. If you can do that you are good to go and can start decorating these tasty little things. While a cupcake can be delicious on its own, the defining ingredient can be the topping used for icing. Once you have your favourite flavour topping selected,just got for it and topping them until you are ready to serve them.  Enjoy.

That’s it for today folks we hope you enjoyed reading and will come again. If you feel feedback is due leave it and we will digest it. Thanks a lot!

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